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Heim - tiny houses

code: 055

Heim - tiny houses Heim - tiny houses Heim - tiny houses Heim - tiny houses Heim - tiny houses Heim - tiny houses

HEIM is a village of 12 highly diverse houses: traditional, urban, rural, cosy and old but also contemporary and modern. They are genuinely prefab: pre-punched, pre-creased and with windows that have already been broken out. Even the interior walls have been provided with wallpaper in a trendy black & white print. The only thing that you, as a contractor, need to do is to glue the walls and roofs together where indicated.

Finishing the houses is great fun, and once they are completed you can start shifting them around. Will your houses form a convivial village square on your table, or a ramrod-straight street on your windowsill? Will you string them into a festive garland, or give one away as a house-warming gift?

TIP: Create the most amazing Advent calendar ever! Buy two sets (= 24 houses) and number them with the house numbers provided! Next, put a small gift or message in each house, to be opened on each day of Advent.

HEIM, 12 pre-punched and pre-creased houses, with one sheet of stickers with house numbers 1 through 24.

Largest house: 11 x 5.5 x 4 cm (H x W x D)
Smallest house: 5 x 5.5 x 4.5 cm (H x W x D)

RRP: £15.95

Circle decorations

code: 014

Circle decorations Circle decorations Circle decorations Circle decorations Circle decorations

One set of Circles contains 3 different cards each with 3 different pop-out circles (9 circles in total per set).

The circles are different sizes (5-8 cm) and contain small slits enabling you to thread them as you wish. A 60 cm-length cotton thread (eco quality) is attached to each card by a ‘dragonfly’.

In just a few minutes, you can turn the flat pack into your very own 3D work of art! Hang the Circles individually in a christmas tree, thread them as a garland or use them to decorate gifts.

With a couple of sets and some blu-tack, you could even make your own wall art by folding out the circles and sticking them to the wall in an arrangement of your choice.

Each set comes packaged flat in a biodegradable clear sleeve.

RRP: £10.25